Connor, Alec, and Maci

Connor, Alec, and Maci
My Children Complete Me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back To School....

Some people would thing I am crazy that I get a little sad when summer ends and my kids have to o back to school. I truly miss my kids when school begins. Alec has started his second year at Wittenberg and Connor is now a seventh grader. God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with Maci. She keeps e pretty busy. We started working on ABCs and 123s.

Back To School Little Things......
I love school shopping
New pencils
A brand new backpack
Paper and notebooks
Pens and markers
Clothing and shoes
Picking up Connor and listening to his first day adventure.
Hearing the alarm clock go off and wondering if summer could last just a little bit longer.
Snapping the first day of school picture.

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